Nest: Blockchain-Based Smart Fund
Intro to Nest
Nest is a whole new form of smart fund written in Antshares smart contracts. Nest aims to, with the power of blockchain, eliminate and neutralize problems like high threshold, high risk, low efficiency and moral risks. Participants invest, manage and exit with smart contracts instead of application to certain organizations. Antshares Blockchain enables everyone to join the Nest with 0 threshold and 100% transparency, with a safe and free exit option at any given time.

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基金这个词每个人都会接触到。在很多人眼里,基金仍然是一种参与过程复杂的,却又不知资金如何运作最后莫名其妙获利的一种东西。参与过程复杂这一点,在过去几年里已经不知不觉间被各种宝宝们大幅改良。余额宝参与人数过3亿,这意味着每4个中国人里就有一个正在参与余额宝这项8000亿元的基金项目。现在时代,参与一个 ……

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Nest white paper

Nest 白皮书


Nest VS TheDAO

The Dao uses multi-layer, the split of which will result in bugs while the Nest is lighter with only one layer of exit. Second, The Dao uses the special coding language of Ethereum, which will easily lead to program bugs owing to unfamiliarity of the language.
The Nest, on the other hand, uses C# as the coding language, which has been using for quite a long time.
Third, The Dao only received code review only from a third party, which is limited. The Nest will invite a global code review with 1,000,000 ANS as the reward. I think smart fund is a finance-level project, which should stand the test of high level code review. Hackers in the world are actually the people who know most about Blockchain technology and security. We wish, via the reward we offer, we can enhance the security of The Nest with hackers.
The traditional fund uses individual wisdom and judgement to make an investment, which is now challenging by artificial intelligence. Antshares calls the Nest a smart fund for reasons. It is based on smart contract and the wisdom from the investors as a whole. Blockchain-based Nest is a bridge of trust that enables all investors to a part of investment decision process

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